Conference Tracks at VRDC Fall 2017

VRDC Fall 2017 Conference Tracks

VRDC Fall 2017 brings together creators of amazing, immersive VR/AR, and mixed reality experiences to share best practices and demo new technology. VRDC Fall 2017 taps expertise from game, entertainment, and tech fields to bring you the state of the art in producing content for virtual and augmented reality.

Learn to build immersive experiences of all kinds, including:

  • Games & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Journalism
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Industrial Design
  • Film
  • Training
  • Live Events
  • Education


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Games & Entertainment
Expand your knowledge of how VR/AR is being developed to entertain in the Games & Entertainment Track. From active, heart pumping, first-person adventures to relaxing, passive immersion in alternate realities, VR/AR evolves entertainment beyond the screen and takes the user into the heart of the story itself. Whether you're a programmer, designer, producer, artist, or in business development, gain inspiration from ground-breaking work in game and entertainment VR/AR and learn skills to grow your expertise.

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Brand Experience
VR/AR takes brand immersion to a whole new level, allowing companies to create and share a comprehensive brand experience, helping to strengthen support from existing customers and develop new audiences from prospective customers. In the Brand Experience Track, learn directly from teams of creative developers and commercial experts about how their brands are applying VR/AR tech to develop unique and exciting brand experiences that not only leave the viewer excited about the brand, but excited to share their experience with their social network.

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In the Innovation Track, learn from experts breaking ground on the frontier of VR/AR development. Hear in-depth lectures and panels illustrating how innovative VR/AR development has the power to influence nearly all aspects of life as we know it.

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Have or need a great tool, service, product, or platform that enables developers to create innovative VR/AR experiences? The VRDC Fall 2017 Partners Track, aims to provide session content that enables companies to communicate the value of their tool or service and educate developers on how to use the technology.
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