Learn how marketers and interactive agencies are using VR and AR to create unique and memorable brand experiences. Virtual and augmented reality take brand immersion and customer engagement to a whole new level. Gain inspiration and find people & tools to help you make virtual reality a reality.

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Virtual Reality is a Gift: The Mill Talks Virtual Branded Content and Futuristic Experiments
Rama Allen (The Mill)

VR is increasingly being adopted by brands as a platform for creating powerful experiences. Rama Allen, ECD at The Mill, will take a look at how big brands are using these new methods of entertainment to engage with their consumers, as well as highlighting the potential future applications of virtual reality.

From content created for big brands such as Jack Danielís and Gatorade, to bespoke biometric VR experiences, Rama will take a look at the various applications of virtual worlds and conduct a live emotionally responsive VR experiment on stage using The Millís latest VR experiment STRATA.

From Branded Content to Immersive Fiction: Directing Techniques for Better Storytelling in VR
Logan Dwight (The Soap Collective)

Whether you're crafting a branded 360 video experience or real-time room-scale immersive fiction, good VR storytelling is hard. Holding and directing the user's attention is of paramount importance. VR is more than games, film, or theater: it's a convergence medium that requires understanding all of these forms. As storytellers and brand creatives, The Soap Collective have spent years exploring multi-media narrative. Using a technique they call the "Cone of Focus", the Soap team has developed guidelines that maximize immersion, support user comfort, and can help us all tell better stories in VR.

10 Tips for VR in the Retail/Trade/Event Space
John Buzzell (If/Then)

Your branded experience may be a consumer's first time with VR, and a lot could go wrong. They've put hundreds of thousands of people through VR at retail, trade shows, and events. Learn from their experience to make sure your brand is what shines through. Client case studies will be used to explain how to effectively plan and run VR experiences. Topics include managing queues/lines, handling expectations & questions, device security, CPU/heat issues, etc. Make that customer's first VR experience work for the brand, not just the hardware manufacturer.

VR and TV: The Wild West to the Living Room
Bradley Crooks (BBC Worldwide)

Never work with children or animals. Or VR. Television has a long history of creativity and innovation but the development of VR opens the door to an entirely new world of entertainment, story-telling and social experiences.

BBC Earth has given millions of people an insight into the natural world in new and innovative ways but can VR offer an even more immersive and tangible experience of nature and the world around us?

Join this lecture to see behind the scenes footage of the production, learn what challenges were faced and how the team brought these films to life in VR.

Building Interactive VR Characters in 'Gary the Gull'
Tom Sanocki (Limitless Ltd)

See how Motional and Limitless built 'Gary the Gull': an interactive VR film featuring a seagull that talks to you and you can talk back! Tom will start with how interactive VR characters work, and how they design stories where the viewer can communicate with the character to influence how the story is told. He will also talk about their VR creative development process for story and art, plus their unique method of previz for interactive scripts and storyboards. And no talk is complete without stories on what went well, and what went terribly wrong!

Getting to A Brand's Core Message with VR
Ryan Pulliam (Specular Theory)
Steve Nix (Reel FX VR)
Brian Latt (m ss ng p eces)
Julia Sourikoff (Tool of North America)

Truly effective VR experiences not only require a narrative that works exclusively in an immersive storytelling environment, but an authentic adherence to brand values. This talks starts with panelists showcasing past work for top brands including BMW, Converse, Honda, Google, Dos Equis, GE, American Express, AT&T, Jeep and JC Penney. The subsequent discussion centers around tips on VR vs. 360 video content for branded campaigns, lessons learned from completed campaigns, use of VR at live events/retail vs. more personalized smartphone experiences, and much more.

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