VR / AR Brand Experience Track at VRDC Fall 2017

Conference Track for VR / AR in Brand Experience

Learn how marketers and interactive agencies are using VR and AR to create unique and memorable brand experiences. Virtual and augmented reality take brand immersion and customer engagement to a whole new level. Gain inspiration and find people & tools to help you make virtual reality a reality.

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VRDC Fall 2017 Session Highlights

Avoiding Demo Nightmares: Did You Just Reach Down My Blouse?
Serafina Pechan (Alkaline Games)

This talk stems from the many awkward and bumbling VR demos I experienced (and in some cases given). VR is unique in the development industry because it takes a population of mostly desk workers and asks them to physically interact with others at a near intimate level. When demoing VR, you are often standing very close, touching people's heads, eyes, ears, and hands. With VR there are tactile and body awareness skills needed to provide a graceful and seamless demo experience. This talk demonstrates the best (and worst) practices and strategies to implement (or avoid) during your own VR/AR demos.

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