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Expand your knowledge of how VR and AR are being used for Games & Entertainment. From active, heart pumping, first-person adventures to relaxing, passive immersion in alternate realities, virtual and augmented reality evolve beyond the screen to take the user into the heart of the story itself. Whether you're a programmer, designer, producer, artist, or in business development, gain inspiration from ground-breaking work in game development, filmmaking, and entertainment VR/AR and learn skills to grow your expertise.

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Designing for AR: A Postmortem on the Development of 'Woorld'
Vu Ha (Funomena)

Making a compelling, engaging, and intuitive AR game is a fun but difficult challenge. In this design prototyping postmortem, gameplay engineer Vu Ha will discuss how Funomena's 'Woorld' team designed their unique augmented reality game for Google's Tango technology. This talk will cover key principles used to guide user interactions, and lessons learned while working to build a believable augmented space. Vu will also cover some of the engineering techniques used to visualize augmented spaces, and discuss strategies developed for coping with the unpredictability of building a reactive real-time play space in this hot mess we call "the real world".

Designing a HUD for a Third Person VR Game
Joost Peters Force Field VR

This presentation will detail the challenges they ran into while creating a HUD for their third person VR game. During the session, the challenges they found will be highlighted and their design approach and the solutions they applied will be explained.

Hearing is Believing in The VOID
Chance Thomas (HUGEsound)

How can developers use sound to really sell the illusion of reality (or hyper-reality) in VR experiences? Is customized HRTF the answer? Should they rely on sophisticated algorithms? What about binaural recording or other pre-rendered solutions? This talk discusses a multiple-solution approach, as utilized to deliver The VOID's debut virtual reality experience. Hardware control, current gen software algorithms, and pre-rendered assets are discussed, including pros and cons. All aspects of audio for the experience will be addressed: sound, VO and music. To round out the talk, Chance will offer suggestions for future innovation and improvement.

7 Ways VR Confounds Design Expectations
Noah Falstein (Google)

Virtual reality continues to defy the expectations of experienced and novice game designers alike, often bending well-known principles, sometimes turning them completely upside-down. This talk delves into seven specific areas, detailing problems and suggesting solutions derived from game design, film making, theater, evolution, and neuroscience.

Social Animals: Werewolves Within and the Virtual Tabletop
Justin Achilli (Red Storm Entertainment)

Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Oculus predicted that "VR will be the most social medium ever" at Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. Our findings in the medium of social VR support this prediction, and this session reveals how Red Storm developed 'Werewolves Within' with a focus on social gameplay, challenging the notion of VR as a solitary activity and translating the experience of face-to-face gameplay "around the table" into the medium of VR.

Prepped for Launch, The EVE: Valkyrie Development Story
Andrew Willans (CCP Games)

An honest narrative on the development of 'EVE: Valkyrie' from prototype to launch. This lecture will cover many aspects of game design from UX to gameplay and mechanics balancing. Andrew will also share and discuss the best practices with examples from various stages in production as the hardware, and vision for the game evolved.

The presentation will also cover the launch of PSVR and discuss how community led development and cross platform play are essential ingredients for the success of social VR gaming.

A Playful Approach to Prototyping for Virtual Reality
Paul Bettner (Playful Corp.)
Dan Hurd (Playful Corp.)

Playful's pioneering VR products are the result of relentless R&D, continuous iteration, multiple studio-wide game jams, and a Playful culture of letting the fun find us. Join us as we candidly share the details of our ongoing search for the best practices of rapid VR game development. We'll discuss the promising tools and techniques we utilize for VR prototyping, highlight problem areas we continue to struggle with, and showcase Playful's latest prototype work in touch-based and social VR.

Reinventing 'Psychonauts' for VR
Chad Dawson (Double Fine Productions)

Bringing the world of 'Psychonauts' to virtual reality begs for more than just adding a "VR" to the end of its title. It requires designing and building a fresh new experience from the ground up that captures the strengths of the original 'Psychonauts' game while embracing the immersion and gameplay that can only be experienced in VR. This talk covers the design evolution of 'Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin' including the specific challenges of camera perspectives, control iteration, navigation, and interactive dialog unique to title with a strong focus on stylized characters, story, and humor.

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