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Please note: this information refers to VRDC 2016, check back for updates.

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

Sponsors for VRDC gain face to face exposure with designers, programmers, business professionals, producers, artists, and others involved in the development of virtual and augmented reality in many different types of applications and marketplaces. Sponsors overall ROI, quality of leads, new business contacts, brand awareness and booth traffic will keep you on top of this fledgling market for years to come. The VRDC Sales Team looks forward to working with you to customize a program that aligns with your business objectives.

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VRDC Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

Google VR is VR for everyone. Experience virtual reality with Daydream, a platform for high quality mobile VR, or Google Cardboard, a fun and simple headset that works with your iPhone or Android phone. Learn more at

Google VR logo

Intel's Virtual Reality Center of Excellence team is committed to helping VR developers be successful in creating the most immersive VR experiences when they target Intel platforms, helping users become part of a world of imagination where anything is possible. Learn more at

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Gold Sponsors

CCP is a leading independent game developer and has been praised for its artistry, game design and unique player-driven, infinitely scalable storytelling narratives. CCP is the creator of the critically acclaimed science-fiction game EVE Online, EVE: Valkyrie™, a multiplayer virtual reality spaceship dogfighting shooter, and Gunjack™, a virtual reality action game. For more information, visit

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FOVE Inc. is a Tokyo-based creator of the world's first eye-tracking VR HMD. Started in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, FOVE has gone on to gather investment from Foxconn, Colopl, Samsung and others. They create both the hardware and the software for a complete eye-tracking VR experience.

Fove logo

Morph 3D is the gold standard advanced avatar engine and character management system for virtual, augmented and mixed realities. We provide a character management engine for the unified creation, command and control of a persistent virtual identity across multiple realities. Morph 3D will demo its exciting vision at VRDC.

Morph 3D logo

Silver Sponsor

ALT: Anti-latency tracker - a tiny positional tracker for AR/VR with latency compensation. ALT can easily turn any 3D-screen into a holographic display and add 6-DOF positional tracking for mobile VR.

alt logo

ARM technology enables the development of new markets and transformation of industries invisibly creating opportunity for a globally connected population. We design scalable, energy efficient processors and related technologies to deliver intelligence wherever computing happens, ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, digital TVs and the Internet of Things.

ARM logo

eje inc. are professionals in 360-degree panoramic VR videos from planning, production to distribution. Our products include VR CRUISE, an online VR video portal for distributing high-quality content including movies, music, anime and sports, and VR THEATER service, which provides VR experiences in actual locations such as commercial facilities.

eje inc. logo

IDEALENS strives to become the world leading product and service provider in the Virtual Reality, OS and content platform fields. We focus on producing the best All-in-One VR equipment and to establish the ecosystem of Virtual Reality. We believe, "Think Big, Do Great", therefore changing the lifestyle of the future.

Idealens logo

MyDreamVR is a VR studio focused on making immersive experiences, games and software. It has 2 breakthrough VR products: LightVR is Room Simulator with a 360 Desktop. Siege Hammer is the first VR Tower Defense game available for Oculus, Vive and Gear.

MyDreamVR logo

Pico focuses on developing innovative VR technology solutions. With operations in the San Francisco Bay area and China, Pico is deeply committed to VR hardware and software R&D, VR application development and cutting edge industrial product design. Pico's goals are to deliver premium VR products to both consumers and businesses alike, and to partner with content creators to bring amazing VR experiences to people everywhere.

Pico logo

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is the world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. For over 30 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of wireless communications, connecting people more closely to information, entertainment and each other. Qualcomm's Developer Network offers tools, technologies and resources for developers at the leading edge of tech to help innovate for future technologies. Whatever you're building, whether it's high-performance apps, smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or immersive gaming experiences, Qualcomm Developer Network provides revolutionary technology to integrate into your own unique concepts and cutting-edge designs.

Qualcomm logo

As a PC hardware & systems manufacturer, ZOTAC strives to push the limit and create the latest technological products that epitomize both form & function. Established in 2006, ZOTAC began as a graphics card manufacturer and has since branched out into multiple other product lines including Mini PCs, SSDs, Motherboards, & Smart Home equipment. As the creator of the Original Mini PC, ZOTAC has also pioneered the growing trend of increasingly powerful & space-saving PCs.

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Meeting Room Sponsor

Established in April 2015, Colopl NI entered the VR marketplace with their launch title Cyberpong VR. Coming off their successes in the mobile market and now focusing on social VR games, Colopl NI is positioning itself to be a strong force in the new and upcoming market of VR.

Colopl logo

Experience Microsoft HoloLens or be one of the first to get hands–on with the newly–announced Microsoft Surface Studio. Visit us in the University Meeting Room on Level 2 and learn more about our exclusive Surface Book offer, available only to VRDC attendees.

Microsoft logo

Pico Interactive, Inc is a company focusing on VR technology development with operations both in San Francisco Bay area and China. The company is committed to VR hardware and software R&D, VR content and application development. It aims to provide consumers with end-to-end VR product and service experience, and to build a prosperous VR ecosystem.

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Executive Suite Sponsor

Launched by HTC VIVE, Viveport is the global app store for virtual reality. Explore, create, connect and experience the very best VR content. Viveports mission is to democratize access to the most diverse selection of immersive experiences anywhere by empowering content creators to reach VR's fast-growing audience around the world.

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