VRDC 2016 | November 2-3, 2016 | Park Central Hotel | San Francisco, California



The first standalone VRDC (held November 2016) attracted top tier press from technology and mainstream media outlets!

FortuneVirtual Reality Filmmaking Tricks Revealed

San Francisco ChronicleLearning empathy through virtual reality

Venture BeatFOVE VR headset lets you play games using eye controls

CIO AustraliaIBM engineer says AR will trump VR for data visualization

Video, Photos and Logos

You can view VRDC session videos in the GDC Vault, access photos and download VRDC logos and banners here.

Required Credentials for a Media Pass

Media badges for VRDC are limited in number and will be issued only to representatives from news outlets, major analyst firms and leading industry blogs.

To qualify for a complimentary media pass, applicants must cover the technology industry on a regular basis and present bylined articles or reports published within the past six months. Publishers, marketing/PR professionals and other sales or C–level non–media titles will not be accepted.

Media passes will not be issued to photographers without formal commissioning from a news organization or those writing confidential content or content solicited by an exhibiting company. Private consultants paid by an individual company are not eligible for a media pass, and should request a pass from the sponsoring company.

Media credentials granted for previous UBM events do not guarantee a media pass to VRDC – applications will be individually reviewed for each event.

Please review our VRDC video and recording policy.

On–Site Details

At the event, you will be required to present a business card, government issued picture ID, and proof of confirmation. On occasion, for on–site applicants we will require articles on your organization's masthead and contact information for your assignment editor should we need it to validate your credentials before issuing you a media pass.

Pre–registration is strongly encouraged due to limited space. Should you attempt to attain credentials on–site, we cannot guarantee complimentary media admission.

Please contact the VRDC Fall 2017 PR Team with any questions.

Press registration is by invitation only. If you would like to request an invitation, please contact:

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